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Who We Are

Dependable healthcare professionals attending to your loved ones with excellence and dependability.  Our Geriatric mobile medical practice is home based in Sarasota, Bradenton (Southwest Florida Area), and is one of the most recognized and established medical groups servicing skilled, assisted living, independent, and memory nursing residents in our area.

Medical Practice and Patient Wellness is The Cornerstone Of Our Practice, But Gero Psych is Also Our Specialty

Delta Medical is not just a comprehensive medical practice, we also have specialists in Gero Psych.  When a patient has a diagnosis of alzheimers, dementia, depression, anxiety and/or lewy body, we have the skills and experience to test, treat, and screen patients with proper psych medications and counseling.  This sets us apart from most, if not all other practices who are 100% medical only.

24/7/365 Communications

Our practice takes great pride in providing outstanding communication with the residency concerning the health and safety of your loved one.  Our triage nurse is available 9:00 - 5:00, Monday through Friday.  After hours, our practitioners are on call 24/7/365.  In case of an emergency, minutes are critical.  The residency medical staff calls and we can provide guidance to determine what is best for your loved one STAT (immediately)!

Cutting Edge Technology

Our practice utilizes DNA Cutting edge technology to diagnose aging problems, i.e. urinary tract infections, common in the elderly.  Our innovative testing methods are easy , painless, and extremely accurate, to pinpoint medications that are not effective or are not metabolized effectively.  We are able to get the patient the pertinent medication, saving discomfort, pain, and trips to the ER.

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